Working at HAND
Come to HAND to do the best works. Join our team of experts, let’s grow and make the digital future together!
+ Years
Servicing our clients in digital transformation
Partnership with top international IT
companies to provide our clients with the
best digitalization practise
+ Clients
Helping our clients continuing to grow
A company with professional IT consultant resources
in the industry, and super capabilities in resource
coordination and adaptability to various businesses
+ Projects
Successfully completed more than 20,000 projects
Rich practical experience enables HAND to deal
with complex business scenarios with ease, and
brings more professional expertise to customers
with a wider range of experiences
Our purpose
Everybody at HAND is united by a single purpose: to transform the way we digitalization our planet. Whether you’re building an automation system, analysing a critical value chain, or sharing data via the cloud, you are influencing decisions that could change the world.
Our people and culture
Everyday, we work alongside some of the most inspiring people in our industry. Experts at the forefront of new cloud based applications, technologies, and possibilities. This focus on human expertise, and our commitment to an inclusive culture, creates a work environment like no other.
Our career opportunities
We invest in our people. Whatever your role, we make sure you are challenged to grow your skills and supported to do so – via structured learning and on-the-job mentoring. As a diverse, global team, you can also keep things fresh by moving into new roles or locations.
Our benefits package
We offer a generous benefits package supporting your health, your family, and your financial future.
Where we are
Our teams are based around the world and are closely connected with their customers, markets, and sectors. This allows us to offer a compelling combination of global understanding with detailed regional knowledge.
North America