HAND information
AMS Center
The Application Management Service Center was established in 1997 as part of Shanghai HAND Information Technology Co., Ltd. (HAND Information), a company that was established in 1996 as “Shanghai HAND Computer Service Co., Ltd.” and is one of the first ERP consulting and implementation companies in China.
The AMSC provides IT operation and maintenance system consultation and construction, IT system operation and maintenance, and services after the IT system goes online, IT system optimization and upgrade, system promotion and implementation, and building a global enterprise-level IT system operation and maintenance service center.
HAND Information was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011, becoming the first A-share listed company with ERP consulting implementation as its main business.
Over the past 20 years, HAND has expanded its business to include comprehensive enterprise information application product research and development, consulting implementation and technical services. Our mission is “becoming a bridge connecting enterprise management and information technology” to help enterprises achieve digital transformation and improve operational efficiency, efficiency and competitiveness. Today, HAND has evolved from an initial information-based product implementer to a comprehensive digital ecological service provider.
We are dedicated to providing better service experience to more users, ensuring stable operation of enterprise IT systems, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in enterprise IT system operation and maintenance services, supporting enterprise internal IT teams and facilitating enterprise data transformation.

Our advantage


Professional operation and
maintenance team
The operation service center boasts over 1,000 expert consultants. Its IT operation and maintenance services are staffed by a seasoned team of professionals, with over 30% of consultants having over a decade of experience in the field.
Perfect operation and
maintenance management system
We’ve developed a mature operation and maintenance methodology and an independently-developed intelligent platform based on industry-leading concepts. We have a complete management system and a well-established service process management knowledge system.
Rich experience in operation
and maintenance services
With 20 years of experience in enterprise app management and maintenance, we’ve served over 2000 customers worldwide. Our services include: hosting, network security, OS, database, comprehensive app maintenance, desktop and cloud maintenance, and other mature services.
Globalization and
Regionalization Service Center
We offer regional services in Japan, Singapore, the US, India, the Netherlands, Taiwan and more, and have presence in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xi’an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, and Nanjing. Our nationwide coverage allows us to quickly respond to client requests.
AMS provides comprehensive operations management services
Operation and Maintenance Service Scope - Product Line
Comprehensive coverage of mainstream enterprise information systems in the market
HAND mainstream products
Mainstream products in the industry
e - Product
Business Intelligence
Sales and<br/>Marketing
Supply Chain
Product Life<br/>Cycle Management
Human Resource
Cross Function
Example of service model
Remote operation and maintenance service
Follow the ITIL management philosophy to guide the construction of the operation and maintenance management system
Comprehensive operation and maintenance service
We strive to increase value through the development of strong customer relationships, ultimately resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome
Standardized Service Package
Standardized Service Packages: Generic, Proactive, Targeted, and Specialized
Follow the ITIL management philosophy to guide the construction
of the operation and maintenance management system
Mode Features
We utilize HAND’s standard remote operation and maintenance system to significantly reduce costs for our customers, ensuring long-term stability of their application systems. This helps reduce training costs and stabilizes their operation and maintenance teams. We offer flexible operation and maintenance services tailored to meet our customers’ unique needs.
Customer benefits
Our operation and maintenance system is ready-made, allowing customers to quickly access stable and efficient services. We provide technical and business consulting, as well as continuous optimization suggestions based on operation and maintenance, helping customers reduce costs and personnel management expenses.
Service Content
HAND Service Desk: Available 24/7 for emergency response
2nd Line: Resolves operational issues, data problems, app bugs, system failures, system inspections, and user training
3rd Line: Offers app optimization, system optimization, demand management, and functional training
Experts: Handle complex problems.
Three Major Customer Values
Cost Reduction
& Increase Efficiency
By partnering with Hand for system operation and maintenance services, enterprises gain access to advanced management experience and a comprehensive service offering, enabling the continuous improvement of service standardization and cost efficiency.
Cost Reduction
& Increase Efficiency
Liberate internal resources
better focus on the future
Long-term assistance
Enterprise information
Customer Profile
Business Background
Value of Customer
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