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XTEP and HAND's Global Run: Uniting IT Elites and Sports Leaders in Singapore for Health and Unity
30 August 2023 / CSR

Singapore, August 20, 2023 — The inaugural leg of the Global Run by XTEP and HAND at Marina Bay in Singapore was an outstanding success, igniting the fervor of runners for a healthy lifestyle and a spirit of togetherness. Beyond uniting elites from various sectors, this event cultivated a joyful and amiable running ambiance.

XTEP and HAND's Global Run in Singapore

A Remarkable Gathering

The event brought together remarkable individuals from diverse fields, showcasing their remarkable achievements in their respective domains while underscoring their dedication to a health-conscious and optimistic way of life. These leaders in their industries and ambitious young professionals are not only achievers but also everyday runners who challenge their own limits and embrace the challenges life presents. Participants demonstrated courage and determination on the track, contributing to the event's triumph. Henry Ho claimed the 10-kilometer championship with an impressive time of 37 minutes, and the top three male and female runners all finished within 40 minutes. This occasion united experts from different sectors, displaying their exceptional achievements and resilience in the face of challenges, thereby heightening the event's brilliance.

Unity and Companionship

More than just a competition, the Global Run by XTEP and HAND celebrated camaraderie and unity. Runners encouraged each other on the course, sharing handshakes and supportive glances that conveyed a deeper bond among runners. Some even joined hands and sprinted across the finish line, showcasing the profound emotional connection that running fosters.

An Energetic Atmosphere

The event brimmed with joy and vitality. Professional photography and videography teams captured the runners' dynamic strides, enhancing the event's visual impact. Along the route, water stations and cheering spectators injected additional energy into the race.

Promoting Positivity

With the motto "Love Running, Love Life," the Global Run by XTEP and HAND aims to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle. By bringing people together through running, this event encourages shared pursuits of health and happiness. XTEP, HAND, and all participants are dedicated to spreading this positivity to a wider audience, using running as a means to create a brighter future.

A Vibrant Community

XTEP and HAND Global Run is a fresh and spirited community, galloping alongside you on the roads of Marina Bay! Together, we'll follow picturesque routes, pass by iconic structures, and sprint through cheering crowds. This event isn't just a joyful race; it's a dedicated effort to cultivate a vibrant and healthy running community. Through shared passions, we aim to foster new connections. Embracing the philosophy of 'Love Running, Love Life,' we'll stride forward with you toward our future goals.

A Collaborative Venture of XTEP and HAND

As a leading Chinese sports brand, XTEP is committed to creating the world's top running shoe brand. Through years of collaboration, HAND has supported XTEP's global expansion with innovative digital solutions. The "Global Run by XTEP and HAND" unites IT experts and leaders in the sports industry, galloping across the globe with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Unforgettable Memories

The inaugural leg of the Global Run by XTEP and HAND at Singapore's Marina Bay has etched unforgettable memories. Participants not only achieved personal glory on the track but also infused the event with profound human emotions. This day will forever remain in the hearts of participants, becoming an indelible part of their lives.

Looking Ahead

The Global Run by XTEP and HAND will continue its journey to more countries and regions, spreading the ideals of health and unity through running. We eagerly anticipate the excitement of the next destination!

Let's run together for a healthier and more united world! Leave behind your remarkable traces. Together, let's sprint toward a brighter future!

We look forward to your active participation!

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XTEP and HAND's Global Run in Singapore

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