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Towards a new strategic goal of Shenzhen ESR, the existing ERP system can no longer meet the business growth of the enterprise, so ESR chose NetSuite cloud ERP as the platform for the integration of business and finance, and built a whole set of planning system based on the development framework of NetSuite.

In this strategic context, HAND Info helped Shenzhen ESR actively build NetSuite ERP for industry and finance integration, with the goal of optimizing existing business and realizing new control requirements, effectively promoting Shenzhen ESR to complete the integrity of supply chain plan, omni-channel layout and optimize existing business processes, making the process more rationalized.

"Doing accessories with soul" is the belief that ESR upholds

Shenzhen ESR Yi color Co. established in Shenzhen in 2009, ESR is a brand of Oriental Silk Road (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd, which is an enterprise with the main business of cell phone tablet protection products developing at a high speed, and now the company has business in 14 countries, such as China and the United States, etc. Since its inception, the brand has been upholding the two cores of quality and service, and has been recognized by many consumers worldwide, and the sales performance has soared.

Project Features

Flexible and scalable unified information platform, omnichannel order capture and rapid response, quotation inquiry through e-commerce platform, complete channel layout, brand, supplier and customer advantages. Build forecast models based on industry and its own product characteristics to support more efficient collaboration in sales and supply chain.

Comprehensively connect the data flow, approval flow, and business flow of business financial management, and integrate management to provide information security for rapid development and compliance management, and support financial management of cross-border outbound in multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-accounting quasi, while sorting and optimizing processes to achieve lean operation and efficient delivery.

Quickly launch the middle office and business finance integration business in 4 months, greatly saving the time cost of customers.

Project Results

1 More efficient financial centralization

ESR Netsuite cloud ERP product provides real-time financial data visualization, monitors business operations, supports multi-organization and multi-structure, can establish multi-dimensional accounting system according to company, channel, site, store, etc., and automatically writes off company transactions, provides cost management, and makes financial accounting more efficient.

2 More accurate production based on sales

Based on the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce industry and its own products, we build prediction models to support more efficient collaboration in sales and supply chain to achieve the goal of accurate production based on sales.

3 More compliance for global business

It supports multi-language, multi-currency and multi-accounting standards in overseas business expansion, supports the issuance of relevant reports by local currency, and can quickly issue financial statements and consolidated reports, and supports role and authority management for headquarters and branches, which greatly improves the efficiency of overseas financial management.

4 Unified Informationization Platform

We build a flexible and scalable unified information platform, optimize each business process, realize the integration of finance, business and management, and provide information security for rapid development and compliance management of enterprises.

In the future, from Shenzhen to the world, HAND will continue to help Shenzhen ESR to realize ESR's global business expansion support. At the same time, we will push forward and complete the iterative upgrade of our service products to build an influential cross-border e-commerce management and business center in the industry!