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HAND's digital marketing team has 20+ years of experience in the field and has helped 200+ enterprises worldwide. We offer one-stop marketing solutions, including private brand mall construction, omnichannel management, expense tracking, and more. Our rich industry experience delivers exceptional results for our clients.
HAND's Digital Marketing Roadmap
Brand owners
E-commerce channels
Direct e-commerce
Platform e-commerce
Brand franchise
Retail Terminal
Directly operated terminals
Consumers / Members
Target Consumer Group
New Retail
Precision Marketing
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Private Domain Mall + OMS
HAND Omni-channel Order Management System(OMS)
HAND Brand Mall and E-commerce Business Performance Platform provide brands with comprehensive self-built online channel capabilities and e-commerce business platform capabilities, addressing the core pain points of brand private domain traffic conversion and landing, all-channel business operation and management capability enhancement, and integration of membership and marketing operations. This is in response to the deepening development needs of enterprise online business.
HAND Marketing Management Software O₂
Introducing HAND Marketing Management Software O₂, the ultimate solution for efficient marketing business management. With its advanced microservice technology framework and integration of industry-specific features, it provides businesses with a shared service center that enables quick and cost-effective innovation and expansion. The software supports four business scenarios, including B2B and B2C self-built malls, omni-channel order management, and membership management. Experience better business “Oxygen O₂” with HAND Marketing Management Software O₂.
Service Scenarios
Scene 1 - B2B Self-built Malls
  • Our solution aims to assist companies in establishing their own mall that caters to their channel dealers and B-side micro and small customers. We do this by coordinating the dealer channel business, precisely matching the B2B business requirements, and integrating the dealer business with finance, storage, and transportation through digital marketing means.
  • Our solution ensures a smooth business experience and digitalization of the channel business, from dealer qualification access to order amount control and business collection reconciliation. Moreover, our solution supports multiple channels, including PC, App, applet, and H5 access.
  • Scene 2 - B2C Self-built Malls
  • Our solution is designed for consumer-oriented enterprises to establish a private domain traffic pool and rapidly create their own brand mall. With flexible configuration and intelligent optimization of the consumer shopping journey, our solution ensures a seamless shopping experience.
  • We support various marketing modes such as group, second, full reduction, etc., to achieve diversified marketing methods. Moreover, our solution supports multi-channel access, including PC, App, applet, H5, and more.
  • Scene 3 - Omnichannel Order Management System (OMS)
  • Our solution builds cross-platform business operation management tools based on a multi-dimensional view of business, leveraging product, order, inventory, after-sales, and other application components. With our solution, you can realize an omnichannel order unification center, omnichannel order routing source, and omnichannel inventory calculation.
  • It empowers both consumer- and distributor-facing companies to manage sales operations, order sourcing, and global available inventory from a unified perspective.
  • Scene 4 - Membership Management
  • Our solution is dedicated to enhancing consumer digital operation strategy through membership loyalty, tagging, and automated marketing. We integrate these features to create a corporate super member service chain and deeply enhance brand assets.
  • Our solution offers various service capabilities, including online and offline data integration, membership level and point management, and membership group management.
  • Industry Knowledge
    By seamlessly blending online and offline environments and leveraging online traffic to boost engagement, we can offer customers a range of innovative fashion experiences, such as scheduling fitting appointments, making on-the-go purchases, and picking up items in-store. We also aim to foster brand loyalty by collaborating with fans to create visually stunning lookbooks, partnering with fashion influencers to showcase our brand through regular live shows, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to guide our strategic planning and enhance our brand value and assets.
    Food Retailing
    We aim to enhance our entire business chain by streamlining our systems and proactively optimizing our supply chain’s efficiency through various measures, including strict validity control (batch and traceability), ultimately driving the industry to reach its post-retail goals. Additionally, we strive to leverage joint physical scenario marketing to increase inventory turnover and make up for any lack of sales forecasts, all while staying true to our contemporary marketing mission.
    Traditional Manufacturing
    In the traditional manufacturing industry, which typically involves long sales cycles and high order values, it’s essential to implement systematic sales process standardization to effectively manage customer orders, quotations, deliveries, collections, and maintain positive customer relationships. Additionally, it’s crucial to leverage intelligent marketing channels to continuously gather sales leads from websites, advertisements, and other non-traditional sources to ensure that new potential customers aren’t overlooked. To achieve a comprehensive marketing channel innovation, we need to embrace a holistic approach to drive the necessary changes across the entire enterprise.
    Liquor and Beverage
    In the liquor and beverage industry, which has traditionally relied on distributor channels, digital marketing innovation should focus on collaborative channel operation, terminal labeling services, and membership marketing. By adopting professional marketing management products, we can empower our management team, enhance management efficiency and effectiveness, reduce labor costs, and achieve digital precision management. We need to approach this challenge with a strategic mindset and embrace the latest technological advancements to transform our industry for the better.
    Core Features
    Mall front-end interactive center
    Product Center
    Price Center
    Order Center
    Inventory Center
    After-sales Center
    Marketing Center
    Member Center
    Customer Center
    Content Center
    Metadata Center
    Basic Management
    Competence Advantage
    Outstanding advantages of deep industry cultivation
  • Our deep industry cultivation is a standout advantage. With over a decade of experience in implementing channel marketing projects in apparel retail, alcoholic beverage, food retail, and traditional manufacturing industries, we have a thorough understanding of pain points and offer effective business management consulting services to our clients.
  • Multi-marketing business scenario support
  • Our flexible marketing solutions cater to four major business scenarios - B2B self-built mall, B2C self-built mall, omni-channel order management, and membership management - helping enterprises achieve their marketing digitalization goals.
  • Stronger implementation capability for medium and large marketing projects
  • We have a strong implementation capability for medium and large marketing projects, with experience in implementing marketing projects for over 100 industry-leading enterprises. We can deliver marketing digitalization requirements for medium and large enterprises with complex marketing scenarios and multi-business system integration.
  • Stronger IT expansion capability
  • Our IT expansion capability is strengthened by the HAND Fusion Middle Platform Hzero, which allows for close integration with other HAND independent products. This enables us to rapidly develop personalized and innovative features and achieve comprehensive digitalization of marketing business while keeping IT operation costs low.
  • HAND OMS Platform Core Capabilities
    Unified Platform Management
  • Unified role/authority management
  • Unified master data management
  • Unified data analysis
  • Integration of Full Marketing Channels
  • Integration of online e-commerce channels through API/EDI
  • Management and processing of offline channel orders
  • Standardized and Unified Management Processes
  • Integration of order processes and standardized management of order approval and credit control
  • Standardized management of after-sales processes such as returns, refunds, replacements, and rebates
  • Automated Reconciliation Service
  • Platform obtains settlement bills and performs automatic reconciliation using Order ID and SKU
  • Calculates expenses, costs, and income quickly
  • Automatically checks inventory data and generates inventory results
  • Powerful Integration Capability
  • Integration with mainstream global e-commerce platforms
  • Integration with mainstream third-party WMS or own WMS system
  • Integration with logistics for tracking and settlement
  • Integration with ERP for business integration management requirements
  • Contact us for more information on our Cross-border e-commerce solutions
    Service Industry
    Cross-border e-commerce

    NetSuite supports the full process of cross-border e-commerce, including procurement, warehousing, sales, shipping and financial settlement, with global business and cross-border compliance, and seamless integration with e-commerce and logistics providers, and flexible order and logistics management.


    NetSuite offers automation of enterprise resource management, efficient production management in collaboration with MES, and intelligent manufacturing, and enables modernized group business process management and control, promoting refined financial accounting through business processes, resulting in true financial business integration.


    Optimize global operations through streamlined processes, advanced data analysis, and strengthened management. Implement multi-currency and multi-accounting information management systems, and manage intercompany transactions effectively through multi-dimensional financial analysis.


    Enhance visibility and transparency, streamline reporting and compliance processes, gain deeper operational insights, significantly decrease complexity, and maintain a competitive edge through agility.


    Unify online and offline channels for a seamless new retail experience, consolidate operations, prioritize profits and customer satisfaction, and undertake digital transformation.

    Professional Services

    Optimize project management in the professional services industry through process and performance management, customer management and financial accounting control. Improve staff utilization, customer satisfaction, and provide quick, accurate data for decision making, all while ensuring global compliance.