Your Total Solution for Expense Management
HELIOS is a cutting-edge expense management system designed to help companies tackle cost reduction and compliance challenges. By combining travel and expense tracking with e-invoicing and reimbursement capabilities, we have created a sophisticated app that streamlines your processes.
With HELIOS, you can leverage the latest application technology and seamless integration with back-end ERP systems. It easily integrates with legacy systems, including SAP and Oracle, ensuring a smooth transition for your organization. Our pre-designed integration offers a seamless process with your company’s ERP system, eliminating data silos and enhancing overall efficiency.
By utilizing HELIOS - Expense Management System, your employees will experience shorter cycle times for expense invoicing and reimbursement, freeing up their time for more important tasks. Meanwhile, your organization will witness increased productivity and efficiency.
One of our key priorities is data security. HELIOS features a centralized data storage system, ensuring all information is securely stored in a single server. Our robust security inspection system guarantees the protection of sensitive user information through encryption and secure storage practices.
Choose HELIOS and empower your organization with an advanced expense management solution that streamlines processes, boosts productivity, and enhances data security. Experience the efficiency and convenience that HELIOS brings to your expense management workflows.

Unlock the Benefits of HELIOS

for Your Business

Unleash HELIOS’ powerful advantages for your organization
Shorter Approval Cycles

Streamline your approval
cycles with HELIOS’s mobile
apps for efficient travel and
expense management,
reducing processing time
and accelerating decision-

Better Compliance

Ensure better compliance
by leveraging HELIOS’s
end-to-end travel and
expense solutions. Simplify
policy enforcement,
improve visibility, and
reduce the risk of non-

Lower Cost

Drive cost savings by
automating your expense
reporting process with
HELIOS. By eliminating
manual tasks, reducing
errors, and optimizing
workflows, you can achieve
significant cost reductions
per transaction.

Direct Expense Savings

Realize direct savings on
expenses through
integrated partners within
the HELIOS ecosystem.
Benefit from strategic
collaborations that deliver
cost-efficient solutions
and negotiated rates.

Experience the power of HELIOS to transform your expense

management operations. Enjoy shorter approval cycles, enhanced

compliance, lower costs, and direct savings on expenses. Make the smart

choice for your business with HELIOS.

Empowering Your Expense Management Journey

Travel Ticket Booking

Seamlessly book travel tickets
within the app, integrating internal
systems of HR/Finance/CRM with
external airlines and hotels. Enjoy a
streamlined process and enhanced

Data Analysis

Generate comprehensive data
reports, analysis reports, and
customized reports to keep track
of expenses and employee claims.
Gain valuable insights and monitor
individual employee expenses and
claims with ease.

Multiple Ways of Ticket Booking

Flexibly handle ticket booking,
allowing participants to book
tickets independently or a
designated participant to book
tickets for all.

Real-Time Expense Requests
and Claims Approvals

App-based submission and approval of
expense requests and claims. Staff can
submit requests and budgets in real-
time, with notifications sent to
managers for review and approval. This
enables faster daily request clearance,
streamlined approval process with
comment functionality, and a decision
trail within the app, aiding in
budgetary control and reducing end-
of-month workload spikes.

Real-Time Mileage Claims via GPS

Automated mileage claims with GPS
and Google Maps integration. Field
personnel can easily calculate mileage
and total trip cost based on predefined
rates for different staff categories. This
ensures accurate claims, policy
compliance, and potential cost savings.
Mileage rates can be easily managed
on the Helios server.

Mileage Estimator

Say goodbye to manual mileage
calculations. Helios automates the
process, allowing you to effortlessly
calculate and claim mileage with
just a click of a button.

Travel Requests for
Multiple Employees

Automatically create ticket approval
sheets for all participants and
ensure seamless reimbursement
based on travel requests.

Data Return

Automatically synchronize data from
TMC suppliers to Helios’s backend,
enabling seamless verification of
actual expenses against travel
requests or expense claims.

User-defined Forms

Customize Helios by adding user-
defined fields to meet specific
business requirements, allowing
personalized control and tailored

E-invoice Management

Simplify invoice management with
Helios. Import invoices from third
parties, scan physical invoices, or
manually input them. Receive
expiration reminders based on
your company’s internal rules.

Budget Control

Allocate budgets independently
for travel requests, ensuring
reimbursement sheets are limited
to the allocated budget amount.

Ticket Booking Control

Implement control measures for
flight tickets and hotel bookings
based on destination, date, class,
level, ensuring adherence to
budget guidelines.

Expenses View

Pre-submission view of expense
items, providing visibility into
departure and arrival dates,
reference system-generated
mileage, and mileage entered by
staff for auditing purposes.Allows
attachment of photos for location
verification and receipts, aiding in
estimating actual travel distance.


Experience the power of Helios and transform your expense management processes. From efficient travel ticket

booking to automated mileage calculations, streamlined e-invoice management, insightful data analysis, and

real-time expense claims and approvals, Helios is your comprehensive expense management solution.

Enjoy a
streamlined and
efficient expense
calculate and
claim mileage
with ease
Simplify invoice
management and
receive expiration
Gain valuable
insights through
data analysis
Easily manage
travel requests
and budgets for
control measures
for ticket
booking and
synchronize data
from TMC
suppliers for
Customize the
app to meet
specific business
Ensure accurate
mileage claims
through GPS
Provide visibility
and auditing
capabilities for
approval process
and reduce
workload spikes
sheets for

At HELIOS, we stand out from other systems with a range of compelling advantages, including usability

flexibility, new features, lightweight integration, and more. Here is why our expense management system is the

ideal choice for your organization.

Usability & Flexibility
  • Tailored to meet your specific
    requirements, ensuring a
    customized experience.
  • Extensible data model that adapts
    to complex logic, accommodating
    diverse business needs.
  • Business-friendly administration
    for ease of use and seamless
New Features & Enhancements
  • Continual development of
    customer-driven features and
    functionalities based on best
    practices from our extensive
    customer base.
  • Collaborative partnerships with
    industry-leading partners, ensuring
    continuous innovation and
Reimbursement Sheets
  • Automatically generate
    reimbursement sheets for approved
    claims, ensuring seamless and
    accurate processing.
  • Track and manage reimbursement
    amounts efficiently, streamlining
    the financial workflow.
Reminder for Expiration
  • Receive timely reminders for
    expiring invoices and claims based
    on your company’s internal rules.
  • Ensure that no invoices or claims
    are missed, and optimize the
    reimbursement process.
Lightweight & Integrated Product
  • Centralized enterprise portal, integrating expense, travel, OA (Office
    Automation), and service provider functions for enhanced efficiency.
  • Lower cost of ownership, providing cost-effective solutions without
    compromising quality.
  • Seamless integration with O2O (Online-to-Offline) vendors and legacy
    systems, ensuring smooth workflows and data synchronization.

By choosing HELIOS, you can eliminate paper receipts, save time, and enjoy

the benefits of a user-friendly, flexible, and integrated expense

management system. Join numerous satisfied customers who have already

experienced the advantages that HELIOS brings to their organizations.

Travel allowance can be well executed through HELIOS, and the employees’ travel experience is also improved. The internal promotion of Helios has been smooth, with transparent data making our finance team happy and the reimbursement experience making our employees happy.
Electrical safety expert - Bull Group
HELIOS’s invoice verification function automatically connects with the tax system, verifying the authenticity of invoices and preventing false invoice reimbursements. It can also automatically check travel invoices, accommodation invoices, and travel allowances against actual occurrences and standards.
A daily necessities company with thousands of global chains
HELIOS integrates WeChat and Alipay for direct import of e-invoices, enabling automated duplicate checking, authenticity verification, tax separation, and online circulation of the entire invoicing-reimbursement-archiving process. This reduces financial workload and boosts organizational efficiency by 65%.
A global top 500 equipment manufacturing brand - SANY Group
Service Industry
Cross-border e-commerce

NetSuite supports the full process of cross-border e-commerce, including procurement, warehousing, sales, shipping and financial settlement, with global business and cross-border compliance, and seamless integration with e-commerce and logistics providers, and flexible order and logistics management.


NetSuite offers automation of enterprise resource management, efficient production management in collaboration with MES, and intelligent manufacturing, and enables modernized group business process management and control, promoting refined financial accounting through business processes, resulting in true financial business integration.


Optimize global operations through streamlined processes, advanced data analysis, and strengthened management. Implement multi-currency and multi-accounting information management systems, and manage intercompany transactions effectively through multi-dimensional financial analysis.


Enhance visibility and transparency, streamline reporting and compliance processes, gain deeper operational insights, significantly decrease complexity, and maintain a competitive edge through agility.


Unify online and offline channels for a seamless new retail experience, consolidate operations, prioritize profits and customer satisfaction, and undertake digital transformation.

Professional Services

Optimize project management in the professional services industry through process and performance management, customer management and financial accounting control. Improve staff utilization, customer satisfaction, and provide quick, accurate data for decision making, all while ensuring global compliance.