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HAND’s Hi-IoT platform fully integrates HAND’s industry experience and technical capabilities in various fields to build an integrated IoT platform based on “edge, cloud, intelligence, and usage”, which helps enterprises quickly connect devices to the cloud and provides remote monitoring and control, fault diagnosis and prediction, intelligent decision making and analysis, etc.

Platform Architecture


HAND IoT mid-station Hi-loT, up to undertake various business scenarios, down to interface with various devices

Application Scenarios



Smart factory, process quality inspection, smart service



Smart farming, smart planting, agricultural product traceability, agricultural big data



Internet of Vehicles, big data, FOTA



Smart home, scene mode, extreme single product



Smart building, smart park, energy consumption optimization

Core Functions



All-in-one platform

Integrated IoT platform of “edge, cloud, intelligence and application”, quickly connects physical devices and cloud applications, provides standard and unified data access and data service capability

Remote Monitoring

Flexible configuration of multi-level, multi-dimensional, multi-point combination of data monitoring points, dynamic construction of visualization of real-time monitoring and historical trend analysis

Fault Diagnosis and Prediction

Configurable on-demand fault diagnosis and real-time warning based on mechanism model, establish fault knowledge base and analysis model, diagnose fault causes and recommend maintenance strategy in real time


Intelligent Decision Making

Equipment health deterioration trend analysis, prediction of remaining life, generation of maintenance strategies based on state prediction, multi-dimensional equipment energy consumption trend analysis and energy consumption prediction to assist equipment energy consumption optimization and production process optimization

Product Advantages

Cost reduction and efficiency

Based on condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance. Significantly reduce equipment management and maintenance costs

Production optimization

Equipment health analysis and OEE analysis based on equipment data and mechanistic models health analysis and OEE analysis to optimize production

Lower the threshold

Rapid access and rapid deployment based on an integrated platform
Quick trial and error, reduce the threshold of enterprise intelligence upgrade

Industry Intelligence

Based on HAND’s many years of industry knowledge, we can quickly incubate. Business scenarios for IoT middle platform and build intelligent applications

Competitive Advantages

  1. All-in-one, fast connection

  2. Componentization, fast modeling

  3. Visualization, real-time insight

  4. Privatization, buyout deployment

  5. Intelligence, Decision Optimization

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